Richard Blunt



Mixed media British artist Mark Davies has built a solid reputation for creating thought-provoking art with genuine meaning and sentiment, art that is driven by a fascinating multi-layered narrative like no other. Mark has become known as ‘The Storyteller’ for his ability to transform much-loved books, films and plays into an immersive battle between darkness and light.



JJ Adams is a mixed media contemporary pop artist and graphic designer. Fast becoming one of the most talked about artists currently living and working in the UK. He has taken icons and buildings we know so well and added his bold, confident and edgy style making him a very collectable artist.



Paul Oz has been painting full time since 2010 with his aim to create a visual impact in a unique way that captivates his audience. His passion for cars is very apparent as is his love of travel, which has inspired him and landed him some very exclusive commissions.



Having spent his life illuminating London, film and tv sets, Courty has been the creator of his particular medium of 'neon art'. This being a mixture of light, bright colour and powerful written words which can be found hanging in some of the most exclusive houses and estates around the world.



Craig Davison has an obvious fascination for character and narrative. His biggest source of inspiration for his work is his childhood. Craig has developed a humorous and recognisable cast of characters taken from his childhood memories. Hence why a lot of his paintings have a grubby, slightly naive take with lots of energy, which for him sums up his childhood memories. 



Gaze Gallery are proud to be the exclusive stockist of the work of Jessie Ingram, a new and up and coming British artist. Having begun her career with abstract pieces, so is now very focused on contemporary pieces featuring movie stars and her own personal love Flamingos.



A self taught artist in drawing and perspective who manipulate paint in vieled glazes and meaningful shadows. In many of his paintings there is a hidden narrative, in enigmatic dispositions, a starting point for dozens of short stories. His work over the past 20 years has grown consistently with many exhibitions selling out and he has been awarded an OBE.


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