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Courty is known as the British Neon Artist. He was born in the market town of Romford, Essex. Since 1987, Courty has dedicated his life to the art of tubular glassblowing and the study of neon lights.

Courty describes his work as a mixture of light, colour, the written word which is bright, powerful and electrifying. A respected and well known English craftsmen of the 100 year old art of glassblowing neon tube lights, Courty is consistently exploring and pushing the boundaries of hand made neon light use in the world of art and sculpture from his East London based studio.

The Craft of Neon Art
Not a classically trained artist, Courty has chosen to work from industry at ground level and has spent a lifetime working hands on with creative minds from around the world in the art and design arena, turning ideas and visions into ‘illumination reality’ on a spectacular level. With his experience, knowledge and technical expertise combined with his own personal creativity Courty produces unique, exclusive, limited edition neon artworks that culminate into a beautifully crafted light art piece that aim to draw you in and explore its many properties.

With almost three decades spent illuminating his beloved city of London and to have worked on international film sets and backdrops for TV and theatre it is likely that your eyes may have met and unknowingly been enlightened with his work before. Courty has also been privileged to have worked with some of the most famous names in the world. He has glassblown and fabricated neon art pieces that now form part of collections of world leaders, stars, the rich & famous as well as having made neon artworks that have been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries and art institutions in the UK. Courty is also extremely proud of the fact that only himself and a few other artists in the UK can truly claim to be the creator of his particular medium ‘Neon Art’.

His inspiration comes from Lilly Lakich's book “Neon Lovers Glow in the Dark” and from riding his motorcycle.

As one of the leading neon artist's we are delighted to exhibit works by Courty. You can view a selection of these works here. If you are looking for a Courty piece not featured please contact us for full availability.

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