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Craig Davison

Craig Davidson grew up in Sheffield in the early 70's and these days of youth have had a great impact on his work. Craig says that he has lots of influences mashed together but one major part is nostalgia. He wants you to connect emotionally with his work by bringing the honesty of his childhood which will help you remember yours.

His passion became a career, when at 24 Craig first stepped into the professional art by becoming a cartoonist, drawing the likes of The Shoe People and The Wombles before moving into animation and games design with a major British company.

Working on a wide portfolio of the day’s most well known computer games including Zorro, The Hulk and The Hurricanes allowed Craig the platform to sculpt everyday. His sculpting reference figures for 3D animation developed him artistically enough to become a freelance sculptor working alongside international brands including Harry Potter and Doctor Who.

Turning from clay to brush, Craig Davison began seriously painting as recently as 2007.

Within a year he was finally a full time painter, as he remains to this day, working out of his studio in Worcestershire where he still finds time to sculpt, a much loved addition to his portfolio of works.

Craig uses the medium of oil paints. He under-paints with acrylics and then finishes the work with oils.

As huge fans of Craig Davison's nostalgic humour we simply had to feature his work. From Limited Editions to Artist's Proof and even originals you'll them here.

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