Forever Young (Peter Pan) 

Limited Edition Deluxe Artist Proof 1 issued

Size 37" x 24" 

Available mounted or framed

The aim with this style of work is to create an image that is bold and iconic and instantly obvious as to who the character is in the picture. The detail and colours used create an intense and positive quality to the silhouette and transforms the typical cold and sterile forms that you see online. 

What we see is Peter soaring up into the London night sky in front of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in his bid to be ‘Forever Young’ and leave the darkness behind him. If you look closely you can see that the dark forces that trouble and restrict him exist within the piece. The hope with this piece is that the concept behind it can appeal to many as it represents that want and need that we have to go back to the moment when things were so much easier and to soar over untroubled waters.


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