I Never Left (E.T) 

Limited Edition Print of 25

Size 31" x 23"   

Available mounted or framed

This piece shows a part of the forest and the beautiful moment when Elliott stops his BMX just out of shot when he sees his friend come into view over the rocky crag. It is that interaction, that unbreakable bond that this piece focuses on and makes that the instrumental component to harness the wonderful friendship that these two characters have. 

The only lights that shine are within the sky and from the Los Angeles grid in the distance. The forest is alive with little magical detailing, almost like fireflies that glow amongst the ferns. Nestled within the fauna is the iconic ‘Speak & Spell’ . Amongst the rocks sit a subtle NASA emblem, Coors beer cans and an Iguana basking in the moonlight, all supporting references to the Spielberg classic. 


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