I wish to be free (Aladdin) 

Limited Edition Print of 10

Size 31" x 23"   

Available mounted or framed

This piece that focused on Robin Williams rather than the Genie. I am sure many of us will agree that the Genie makes the Disney film and that was down to Robin Williams’ array of voices and personalities that he gave to the character. 

So this piece, entitled ‘I Wish To Be Free’ is connected to Aladdin through the figure that rises upwards from the lamp that rests on the coral bed, a slight deviation to the film where the shackled Prince was cast into the ocean before being set free. However in this case the figure rising up to the surface, to the light is actually in human form. 

This piece focuses on this brilliant actor’s death that was as a result of his demons growing so tall behind him that their shadows obscured the whitest of walls. The question so many had was ‘why?’. Why could someone so loved and with such a star-filled film career choose to end their life? It became apparent that Robin was deeply troubled and depressed and battling so much more than anyone knew, slowly becoming trapped within his own body and mind through paranoia and form of dementia that his wife described ad “the terrorist inside my husband’s brain”. 

The pressure to perform for the benefit of others is so similar to his role as the Genie, living with such constraints only to have to grant wishes on demand before regressing back into the darkness. So I guess for Robin and sadly for so many others he had sunk to such a depth within his mind that the darkness and his demons erased the sunrise, they clouded the clear to the point where he only had one wish and one way to be free. 

This image, I hope you will agree, is beautiful and honest and with the above in mind terribly sad whilst offering a calming sense of comfort through hope, seeing how the darkness falls away and all that surrounds the character is good. 


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