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I Never Left Mark Davies Limited Edition Framed
I Never Left Mark Davies Limited Edition

I Never Left (E.T) by Mark Davies - Limited Edition

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I Never Left is the follow up piece to Mark's E.T. ‘I’ll Be Right Here’. As Mark explains "I have wanted to create this for a good while now as it expands on my original narrative and confirms exactly what was happening in the original scene. What we now know is the ship wasn’t waiting for E.T. but in fact was about to leave without him on the little man’s request."

  • Limited Edition Print
  • Edition size - 25 Limited Editions
  • Image Size: 31” x 23"
  • Frame size (approx): 34” x 27"
  • Frame - black frame as shown

A fabulous stand alone piece but complement and to confirm and clarify the open-ended aspect of ‘I’ll Be Right Here’.

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