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Mark Davies One More Round Limited Edition
Mark Davies One More Round Limited Edition Framed

One More Round (Rocky) by Mark Davies - Limited Edition

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Mark Davies One More Round from the film Rocky is set within Micky’s Gym. An imposing boxing ring dominates the room, bloodied and stark it pulls no punches as to the harshness of the pursuit to a means to an end, a way out from the shadows.

This piece casts light onto Rocky’s dark side and into the world that he resides, through circumstance rather than choice. Key details are positioned that combine to cast shade onto the light at the end of the tunnel. There are references to the thoughts and demons that go toe-to-toe with him daily, where he is fighting against his self-doubt as well as the doubters. 

  • Limited Edition Print
  • Edition size - 20 Limited Editions
  • Image size - 32” x 24"
  • Framed size (approx) - 42" x 34"
  • Frame - black frame as shown
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